More Than 300 Tickets Issued for Texting While Driving Tickets in Virginia

Majority of Tickets received in Northern Virginia

Virginia State Police charged more than 300 drivers with texting while driving in the law's first three months -- with more than half of those issued in northern Virginia.

Police spokesperson Corinne Geller said 328 people in Virginia received citations for texting while driving between July 1 and Sept. 28.

July 1 marked the date that texting while driving became a primary offense. Before then, police in Virginia could not stop drivers for texting while driving.

Drivers in Northern Virginia were among the state's worst offenders. Police say they've issued 171 tickets there, mostly on Interstates 95 and 395.

Drivers in Arlington County saw 73 citations; Springfield had 56.

According to, eight in 10 crashes in Virginia occur because of distracted driving, many of those involve a cell phone.

There is a loophole to the texting-while-driving law: You are not violating the law if you are using your phone as a GPS. You are also allowed to text if you are stopped or if you are reporting an accident or emergency.

The first fine will run you $125. Second offenders have to pay $250.

Texting while driving is also a primary offense in D.C. and in Maryland, where the law just went into effect at the beginning of this month.

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