More Problems, Delays for WMATA's Silver Line

The Silver Line is being delayed yet again, and a management team overseeing the construction says there are big problems ahead.

"There are 12 requirements for substantial completion," Pat Nowakowski with the Dulles Metro Project said Monday. "It is our determination that they have not met 7 of these requirements for substantial completion."

According to the DMP, there are water leaks along the line and in substations, an automatic train control system isn't working right and is causing some trains to stop when they are not supposed to.

Project leaders say the contractor also hasn't received the necessary occupancy permits for 20 building along the line.

"We've tried to work very closely together, but they have their option of it and we have out opinion of it," Nowakowski said.

A timeframe for the line's official opening is still unknown, but Monday's report will push the project back at least a month. 

"It is always delayed. It was supposed to open in December and then I think February. So I'm not really sure when it will open," commuter Veronique Bonhomme said.

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