Montgomery County Bans Pesticides on Residential Lawns

Montgomery County has banned the use of pesticides on residential lawns -- the strongest regulation of lawn pesticides in the country.

The use of those pesticides on residential lawns must stop by Jan. 1, 2018 -- and pesticide use on county sports fields must stop by 2020.

And pesticides would be prohibited on public or private playgrounds and around child care centers. Pesticides are still allowed in gardens.

Parents have fought for almost two years for the ban, which they wanted to prevent children and pets from coming into contact with chemicals. "So that our children are out in their communities safer, healthier, not being exposed to these toxic pesticides, " said Catherine Cumings, with Safe Grow Montgomery. 

"The cost benefit analysis suggests that it is more important to protect the public health than it is to have an absolutely clover-free, dandelion-free lawn," said George Leventhal, the Montgomery County Council president and a sponsor of the bill.

Lawn companies had lobbied against the ban, saying it would have a serious impact on their business and wasn't needed, because they use safe chemicals.

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