Men Accused of Luring Girls With Drugs, Alcohol for Sex

Two grown men lured juvenile girls to a Fairfax County motel for sex with promises of drugs and alcohol, police said.

The absence notification system used by Fairfax County Public Schools alerted the girls' parents to the fact that something was wrong.

According to search warrants obtained by News4, 27-year-old Julio Velasquez is charged with the rape of two girls. One is 13; the other, just 12.

The documents say that on April 10, Velasquez and another man picked up the girls and eventually took them to the Virginia Lodge motel on Route 1 in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County. Once there, they gave the girls alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana.

Both men then had sex with the girls, according to court documents.

The men eventually took the girls from the motel back to where they had picked them up

When confronted about the school absence by their parents, the girls told them what happened, and police were notified.

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