Mediation Yields Framework for Dealing with Racial Issues

Alleged use of racial slurs in a September football game basis for mediation

A mediation between the U.S. Department of Justice and two high school football programs produced no resolution of a racially charged incident in September.

During a game on Sept. 19, the mostly white team of Fort Hill High School allegedly used racial slurs against black players on the Dunbar High School team. Dunbar coach Craig Jeffries pulled his team off the field in the third quarter leading 14-8 and forfeited the game over concerns of player safety.

Jeffries said Thursday's meeting in Hagerstown, Md., wasn't meant to resolve the disagreement between the two schools, but instead was to discuss a plan for dealing with such events in the future.  Both schools' athletic directors and head coaches created a framework for such situations and said they had made progress.

Earlier this year, Fort Hill dealt with another racial issue and banned the Confederate flag from school grounds over controversy of its display on school property.

Officials will be closely watching Fort Hill's game Friday night against Prince George's County's Frederick Douglass High School.  That high school is mostly African-American, as well.  However, Douglass High School reported no problems last year when the two teams played.

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