Md. Man Gets 50 Years for Killing Young Father of Baby Boy

The man who pleaded guilty to killing the father of an 11-month-old boy in Capitol Heights, Maryland, received a 50-year prison sentence Tuesday.

Lamont Adair Jr., a 6-foot-7-inch athlete who was planning to play basketball in China, was shot to death Aug. 8, 2018, as he walked to a training session, Prince George's County police said.

Franklin Scott pleaded guilty to avoid a life sentence.

Scott targeted Adair because of a personal issue between them, police said.

Scott allegedly shot Adair multiple times from a car in the 6600 block of Greig Street then got out of the car and ran over to him to shoot him several more times, police said.

Scott was identified as a suspect with the help of surveillance video, and his cellphone records placed him at the scene, police said.

Adair lived nearby with his mother and was well-known in the neighborhood. His son was 11 months old when Adair was killed.

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