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Masked man steals dog at gunpoint in Southeast DC

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Editor's Note: The owner was reunited with her dog after a week, police announced. Read the update here.

A masked man jumped out of a car, pointed a gun in a woman’s face and stole her dog in Southeast D.C. Saturday evening.

French bulldog Yurman – named after the jeweler David Yurman – is the jewel of Jaineen Brown’s life.

“He’s sweet,” she said. “He don’t, really, he’s a couch potato like I am.”

She was walking Yurman in daylight just after 8 p.m. Saturday in the 1700 block of Fort Davis Street SE when a dark-colored Honda with Virginia plates approached.

“The car swooped up,” Brown said. “The guy in the back passenger seat, he, the door opened, and he swooped down and he had a gun.”

In just a few seconds, he had Yurman, who had been walking a few steps behind on his leash.

“He got my dog by the back of his neck and then he put the dog back in the car, and they sped off,” Brown said.

In an instant, Yurman was gone, and Brown was left screaming in the street.

A passing motorist stopped to see if she was OK. She was unhurt, but an emotional attachment had been severed.

“He is everything I have,” she said. “Like, he is my emotional support dog.”

It wasn’t the first time Brown says she’s sensed she’d been targeted.

“You know, pulling up beside me, just, you know, and there’s an energy that goes along with knowing you’re about to get jacked, of any kind,” she said.

She says it happened once in the same neighborhood.

“One time that it happened in this park in Southeast by the Navy Yard,” she said.

Yurman is microchipped, which Brown hopes will help her get him back.

“Keep your head on a swivel, ‘cause they coming for ‘em,” she said.

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