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Maryland Man Accused of Stealing Over 100 Air Bags

Air bags are a frequent target for thieves, the National Insurance Crime Bureau says

Honda air bags
Prince George's County Police

A Maryland man accused of stealing 100 air bags was arrested Thursday while driving a stolen car, police say.

Michael Roane, 30, of Landover, faces 35 charges including theft-scheme, motor vehicle theft, tampering with motor vehicles, Prince George County Police said.

Roane had 13 air bags stolen that day from Prince George’s and Montgomery counties when he was arrested in a car reported stolen from D.C., police say. Those air bags are valued at $32,500.

Police say Roane targeted Hondas and stole more than 100 air bags in “recent months.” He would resell them, police say.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau says thieves frequently target air bags. They retail for about $1,000 and are sold on the black market for about $50-200.

It poses a safety risk if "unscrupulous" auto repair shops install these air bags, which may not deploy properly during a crash, the NICB said.

The Washington Area Vehicle Enforcement team has conducted a lengthy investigation into the thefts. Anyone with information is asked to contact WAVE at 301-516-3788.

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