Manassas Illegal Immigration Policy to Take Effect

Enforcement begins Dec. 1

In less than five weeks, the police department in Manassas, Va. , will begin enforcing a new immigration policy.

Under the new policy, anyone arrested will be asked their residency status. The policy is intended to bring the city's practices in line with surrounding Prince William County.

As in Prince William County, police will be able to ask about a person's residency before arrest if the officer has reason to believe the person is in the country illegally. If officers suspect someone is in the country illegally, they will contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement. A suspect determined to be here illegally could then face deportation.

Police won't conduct roundups of suspected illegal immigrants or make an arrest simply in order to determine a person's citizenship, said Police Chief John J. Skinner.

The new policy will go into effect Dec. 1.

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