Man in Apparent Mitt Romney Mask Robs Sterling Bank

Robber took cash from all five tellers

A man wearing an apparent a Mitt Romney mask robbed a Virginia bank yesterday -- the same bank hit by a robber in a Hillary mask two years ago.

Oddly, that's not the only reason the FBI is calling the holdup unusual.

The robbery at a Wells Fargo in Sterling was not a grab-and-go robbery. The gun-wielding robber, wearing the mask and a Florida State sweatshirt, got money from one teller, but apparently that wasn't enough. He went teller to teller until he took from all five.

Police went to the Party City behind the bank to see if anyone bought a mask there Thursday.

In December 2010, that same bank location -- back then a Wachovia branch -- was held up and robbed by someone in a Hillary Clinton mask.

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