Man Asks to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Maryland Target Slaying

A man who pleaded guilty to killing his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of a Maryland Target asked the judge to withdraw the plea Thursday.

Donald Bricker Jr. twice confessed to shooting 24-year-old Marie Folasade Adebayo in Germantown in June and told the judge he was guilty in December.

A video of investigators interviewing him in his hospital room shortly after the homicide shows him confessing.

“All I can remember is her getting out the passenger side door, and then I shot her and then I shot her again,” he said.

Asked why he shot her, he said he didn’t know.

He was supposed to be sentenced Thursday, but instead, he fired his attorney and asked to withdraw his plea.

“He wants to hire a new attorney and that he didn't get all the information to enable him to make his best decision with regards to a plea,” Montgomery County state's attorney spokesman Ramon Korionoff said.

If the judge decides to withdrawal the plea, the case will go to trial, prosecutors said.

Abedayo’s friends and family said they are praying that won’t happen.

Bricker will return to court May 5. The judge then will decide if he will withdraw the guilty plea or proceed to sentencing.

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