Police: 2 Men Arrested After Bus Driver Attack, Robberies

Two men allegedly involved in an attack in which a sterno can was thrown at a bus driver were arrested and were also charged for committing two violent robberies, police say.

Aric Lewis Holmes, 19, of Southeast D.C., and John Webb Paul, 21, of Northeast D.C., were arrested about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday after police identified them by reviewing footage of the bus attack.

On Wednesday, three males tried to board an X2 bus near 14th Street and H Street NE with a gas-powered leaf blower, Metro officials said.

"You can’t bring a leaf blower on this bus," the driver said he told them.

One of the people pulled the bus driver’s shield, officials said.

Police say Holmes left the bus -- and admitted that he turned back to throw an empty sterno fuel can at the driver, officials said.

The can bounced off the driver’s shield, officials said. It landed near the door of the bus.


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All three people ran away, officials said.

The can was not lit, nor was it capable of being lit. There were no injuries, according to Metro officials.

The bus was pulled over, and police began an investigation. Police originally said the suspects were juveniles. Police did not give an update about the third suspect.

Both Holmes and McPhaul also were charged in connection with two Oct. 2 robberies.

About 8:30 p.m., police say that Holmes and McPhaul approached a 17-year-old boy waiting for a bus outside the Minnesota Avenue Station.

Holmes allegedly showed the boy a handgun and demanded his belt, backpack and Yeezy shoes.

When police arrrested Holmes, he was wearing Yeazy shoes matching the ones stolen from the 17-year-old.

Later on Oct. 2, Holmes and McPhaul approached a man waiting for a bus, police said.

Police say they took the man's cigarette and said, "You got money?"

The victim said no and started to walk away.

Then, police say Holmes and McPhaul began to assault the man.

A metro police officer saw the assault and ran towards the men. The attackers fled, police said.

The victim suffered minor injuries but did not go to the hospital, according to police.

Holmes and McPhaul are charged with armed robbery and assault with intern to rob. They are scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

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