Man Accused of Filming Women in Old Navy Fitting Room, Hobby Lobby Bathroom in Virginia

A Virginia man is accused of filming women in a fitting room and a restroom at stores in Fredericksburg earlier this year.

Eric Vincent Smith, Jr., 31, of Rochelle, allegedly filmed the women without their knowledge in two separate incidents, once in the fitting room of an Old Navy and once in a bathroom at a Hobby Lobby store, according to the Fredericksburg Police Department.

The incidents happened in May. Smith was arrested July 18, police said Tuesday.

The first incident happened May 2. A shopper told police she was in the dressing room of an Old Navy at at 1260 Carl D. Silver Parkway to try on clothes when she noticed a man trying to film or take a photo of her, police said. The second incident occurred less than two weeks later, on May 14, at a Hobby Lobby nearby at 1360 Carl D. Silver Parkway. A Hobby Lobby employee said she was using the restroom when a man entered and pointed his phone over the top of the stall.

Smith is facing two charges of unlawful creation of an image.

He was arrested and released on a personal recognizance bond.

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