Longtime NBC4 Friend Dies

Harry Davis didn't appear in front of the camera very often

Harry Davis was an award-winning news photographer at NBC4 for 28 years before he retired a few years ago. He died suddenly Thursday morning.

Davis, 62, didn't appear in front of the camera very often, except for a few events, like a story about his son, Marc, who was learning how to drive race cars.

Davis traveled all over the country supporting Marc's dream and now his son is driving for the Joe Gibbs racing team.

Davis won several awards during his career at NBC4. He founded something called Teen TV, a program that mentored inner city kids and taught them all about TV production. His enthusiasm was so contagious, he even got everyone in the newsroom involved in it and many of the young people involved went on to jobs in broadcasting.

His other project, The Broadcast Factory, also offered opportunities to a lot of kids in the Washington, D.C. community.

During his time at NBC4, Davis was someone everyone knew they could rely on. He was also a devoted dad and a wonderful friend who will be missed. 

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