Local Tow Truck Drivers Haul in Felony Charges

Drivers tow car with baby strapped inside

STAFFORD, Va. -- Two Virginia tow truck workers are facing felony charges for hauling away a car with a toddler still strapped inside.

The car had been double-parked outside the Thomas Jefferson Place apartment complex in Stafford County Sunday.

The child's mother says she ran into the building for just a few minutes and left her car running and unlocked, with her 2-year-old daughter in a car seat in the back.

When she came back out and discovered her car and her daughter were both missing, she immediately called 911 to report what she thought was a kidnapping.

Just four minutes later, police got another call, this one from the tow truck drivers, who had arrived at the tow yard six miles away and discovered the child still inside. They told police they had not noticed the child when they towed the car.

The child was returned to her mother unharmed.

Jason Bryant, 25, of Spotsylvania, and 21-year-old Derek Miller, of Stafford, are charged with felony child endangerment.



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