Local Leads: 8/1/11

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The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

Frederick News Post: "Twenty years after a young woman's decomposed body was discovered along I-270 at the Baker Valley Road overpass, a small group gathered Sunday to remember her. In the Worthington Farm National Park parking lot, a Maryland State Police officer and two Maryland Missing Persons Network personnel lit candles and said a silent prayer for the "Jane Doe" on the anniversary of her discovery. "To this day -- and we're celebrating 20 years -- we have no idea who she is," Maryland State Police Sgt. Tina Becker said."


SoMdNews.com: " State and Southern Maryland traffic safety and planning officials gathered Wednesday to find out what the data of the DriveCam program revealed about teen driving habits.  The DriveCam program recruited 221 Southern Maryland participants ages 16 to 20 and their parents to place a camera above the rearview mirror of a teenager’s main vehicle for one year. The camera records images for about 10 seconds of both the driver and the driver's view of the road. The camera is triggered by sudden movements like hard braking or swerving and rapid acceleration, which is called an “event.” "


Loudoun Times: " With Leesburg battling black bears in its neighborhoods over the last week, Round Hill has also potentially run into an unlikely wildlife encounter of its own. Resident Donna Mihalco woke up around 5:30 a.m. July 17 to her dog barking angrily and looking out the window.  To her amazement sitting on the hill behind her backyard was what she says was a mountain lion. “It was just beginning to get light out and I could tell this was a very large cat with the body being all one color, a white face and short, perky ears,” Mihalco said. “The size of the animal was quite alarming and it looked to be close to 200 pounds and almost six feet long.”"

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