Top 14 Pieces of Advice From Liz Crenshaw

Liz helps you navigate your biggest consumer questions

As Liz Crenshaw plans to retire May 21, she wants to help you navigate your biggest consumer questions even after she's gone. After 33 years with News4, Liz shares her top 14 pieces of consumer advice.

1. Forget trying to get a good deal on a mattress. You can't be sure what's the best price -- because the makers purposefully name their mattresses differently from store to store so you can't comparison shop.

2. Don't call your homeowners insurance company unless you have a large claim that you cannot afford. Every call and inquiry can be used against you, and you can be dropped without ever filing a big claim.

3. Never use your debit card for these things: gasoline, restaurant food or hotel rooms, because of the hold placed on your checking account.

4. Always check your credit report for errors. Check each of the three major credit bureaus once a year.

5. Clean out your dryer vent.

6. Leave the door open on front loading washers when not in use. It helps prevent mold.

7. Don't waste money on duct-cleaning services.

8. Keep children away from window screens.

9. Check your phone bill and credit card statement for mystery charges. It's called cramming.

10. Don't buy used children's products like cribs or car seats. They may have been recalled or may not comply with the latest safety standards.

11. Don't microwave food in plastic containers that aren't designed for heat.

12. Don't give anyone personal financial information over the phone unless you placed the call.

13. Don't panic about germs. Liz has swabbed everything from the handrails on Metro to bathrooms at the airport. The dirtiest thing with most dangerous germs: kitchen sponges.

14. Most important piece of advice: Speak up when you think you are being ripped off.


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