Large Replica Badge Ordered for Police Officer Who Designed It Never Arrives

The wife of a Virginia police officer ordered a large replica of the badge her husband designed to go with the rest of his memorabilia, but the badge never arrived.

Bill Coulter spent more than four decades in law enforcement, mostly in Fairfax County.

“He designed the badge for Fairfax County,” Carol Coulter said.

Her son found advertising a large wooden version of the very badge her husband designed years ago.

Carol Coulter though it would go well with the collection her husband keeps in the basement, which includes badges, photos and his old radar gun.

“It was absolutely beautiful and was just like the badge, and I thought, ‘There’s a special spot right in the room for it,’" she said.

She ordered the replica for $64 with $115 for shipping.


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“I wasn't exactly sure where it was coming from, but the website looked really legitimate,” she said.

She said the website said the badge would be delivered in two weeks, but three weeks went by and she emailed the company several times trying to get an answer.

“I kept getting either no answer or I would get an answer that, 'We're checking with the carrier. In seven days we'll get back to you,'” she said.

NBC4 Responds reached out to Mike the Woodman and discovered he was in the Philippines, hence the steep shipping charge. He said he would look into the issue.

Meanwhile, Carol Coulter filed a claim with PayPal.

“They said, 'We’ll take care of you,' and they did,” she said.

A few weeks later, Mike the Woodman said he was planning to send the badge, but PayPal had settled the claim before he could ship it.

Carol Coulter doesn’t have the badge, but she did get her $179 back.

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