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Keep Your Kids Busy With These Travel Tips

If you're trying to squeeze in one last trip with the kids before the end of summer, we’ve got some great travel tips for you.

Lifestyle Blogger Karly Barker with Cheerful & Co. says these travel hacks will cut down on how often you hear, "Are we there yet?"

  • Window Markers or Crayons: Kids can color on the airplane or car windows. The temporary masterpiece will wipe right off with a baby wipe. Drawing is a perfect distraction for meltdown moments.
  • Sticky Notes: Keep a stash of the paper pads and pull it out in emergencies. Kids love to pull Kleenexes out of a box, and this gives a similar less messy vibe. Let kids pull out the sticky tabs and place them on the seat in front of you.
  • Pill Box for Snacks: Put little treats in a pill box for toddlers and babies to open and close. Let them refill it too. This little tip keeps hands busy and tummies full.
  • Hydro Flask: Great for flights. They don’t spill, and they keep drinks cold or hot. Fill up after going through airport security. Bring some straws too.
  • Baggu Bags: At just $9, these fashionable bags are functional too. Great for snacks, lunches and even laundry. Once done, it folds right up to use again. No need to search for plastic bags for extra food or trash.
  • Lil Gadgets Headphones: These kid-friendly headphones are wireless, so there are no annoying chords floating around. 

4 Apps to Know:

When on-the-go, invest in apps you know will deliver. But be wary of those free colorful apps that pop up. They often come with in-app purchase requirements and can be frustrating for kids.

Here are some apps that have come through for families on the go:

  • Toca Boca Games: Interactive, fun, bright scenarios that help kids learn through imagination and play. Your child can be a hairstylist, a doctor, a robot or join a band.
  • Starfall ABCs: Several apps are a part of the Starfall family. Starfall ABCs is great for helping your child learn their letters. It makes education really fun.
  • Netflix: Downloading movies on a tablet is nothing new, but it can take a lot of time through iTunes. Netflix quickly downloads movies on devices. But remember they usually expire. Make sure you have new shows for the ride back.
  • SkyWorks Arcade Hoops: Even if your kid isn’t into sports, this is a great game. It’s free and basically allows you to shoot hoops. It’s simple, but addicting.
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