Owners Hope Bowie Jazz Club Revitalizes County

Prince George's County residents now have a music venue a little closer to home thanks to Jazzy's club in Bowie.

Despite having one of the most affluent black communities in the country, the county is noticably lacking in live music venues. Jazzy's co-owner Marcus Mitchell told News4's Prince George's County Bureau reporter Zachary Kiesch he wants Jazzy's to become the go-to spot for live music and dining within the county.

"I've been a musician in the area for quite some time. Being a resident of Prince George's County, I always said to myself, 'Wow, [a jazz club] would be great in [the county],'" Mitchell said.

He said his, and his co-owner Eric Franklin's aim is to keep money within the county.

"The Bowie area has long been recognized as kind of a mecca within the county of people who are upwardly mobile, professional. I think the clientele here, the residents here will really appreciate what we're trying do -- to bring entertainment to the little town of Bowie," Franklin said.

Prince George's County official Aubrey Thagard said he hopes the opening of a new business like Jazzy's will lead to future investments in the county.

"I think it's important to underscore that Prince George's County is the type of place, whether you're a small business or large business, you're going to get the type of treatment that says that you are wanted here," Thagard said.

Jazzy's, located at 12500 Fairwood Parkway, officially opens its doors Friday evening.

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