US Marshals: Prisoner Had Loaded Gun in Underwear at D.C. Superior Court

A loaded handgun was found hidden inside a 19-year-old prisoner's underwear at D.C. Superior Court despite multiple searches beforehand.

Isiah Bogan was arrested in Southeast D.C. early Tuesday for unauthorized use of a vehicle, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. After he was taken into custody, authorities say they found a loaded handgun in his underwear. 

D.C. police say Bogan was in the custody of three different agencies throughout Tuesday morning, all of which searched him. Gwendolyn Crump with D.C. police said it was unclear where the weapon came from or how Bogan got it.

A former D.C. officer said Bogan should have made it through at least one official search before the gun was found on him, just feet from the arraignment courtroom. 

"Any suspect who is detained by the police should have a cursory search, we sometimes call that a pat-down," said security expert Dwayne Stanton. "Then when they get to their destination, another search takes place, be it an investigator's office or the central cell block."

Despite the importance of the searches, Stanton admits officials can sometimes miss things.

"One [reason] would be the size of the person, their girth. Of course, a bigger person would have more mass to hide a weapon or some contraband," Stanton said.

Bogan was later returned to D.C. police custody. The incident remains under investigation, and Bogan is now facing additional charges.

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