Infant Taken From Couple After Series of Bizarre Fires in Alexandria Apartment

Father claims apartment is haunted

A couple is facing charges and their baby is in protective services after a bizarre series of fires inside their apartment in Alexandria, Virginia.

Morad Takreet, 40, and his wife are charged with failure to report five fires at the Fox Chase complex.

According to a court document obtained by News4, one of the fires involved the intentional ignition of a baby's crib mattress while the infant was asleep in the crib.

It's unclear who started the fires or who put them out. According to court records, Takreet and his wife never called 911 and asked the management company to investigate. The management company called the fire marshal, who searched the place.

That's when Takreet told investigators he believes ghosts were starting the fires and his apartment is haunted, according to court documents.

Takreet told investigators no one smokes inside the apartment, but according to court documents, the fire marshal found two lighters.

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