‘I feel safe': 2 years in, Inova Pride Clinic exceeds its expectations

More than 50% of patients diagnosed with gender dysmorphia

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Two years after opening, Inova Pride Clinic has seen more than 1,100 patients, exceeding expectations. 

"It surpassed every expectation I had and it's reaffirmed my commitment of caring for this community," physician Dr. Jorge Ramallo.

Inova helps provide medical services for those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community. Staff work together to create a welcoming environment by offering telehealth appointments and decorating the office with Pride flags.

“They address you by your pronouns, they know their stuff, they’ve done the research. It makes a huge difference. Every time I go there, I feel safe, and that’s a big deal,” said Maika, an Inova Pride patient. 

More than 50% of its patients have been diagnosed with gender dysmorphia, and many of them have started gender-affirming care.

Doctors also published research on heart and vascular issues in their patients, finding treatment disparities within the LGBTQ+ community. Cardiologist Dr. Jason Bonomo said gay men are less likely to receive statin medications, used for heart disease, compared to heterosexual men. 

“Historically, the LGBTQ community has been excluded from health research — actively, actually — and this is one of the steps we are taking or trying to change that and make sure our voices are represented in the medical literature,” Ramallo said.

Doctors at the clinic hope to continue research and bring light to the communities medical needs.

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