At Least 100 People Sickened While at Food Safety Summit in Baltimore

Health officials are still trying to figure out what got more than 100 people sick at a food safety summit in Baltimore.

More than 1,300 experts gathered earlier this month at the Baltimore Convention Center, and about a hundred of them reported having gastrointestinal problems.

Nobody was sick enough to go to the hospital.

A week after the conference, four people notified the Baltimore City Health Department that they had nausea and diarrhea. The state health department then sent a survey to summit attendees. Of the 400 who responded, more than 100 reported symptoms, according to

City health officials inspected the convention center and its in-house catering company, Centerplate, and issued a violation for condensation dripping from an ice machine, reported.

However, the state health department says it's not clear if the illness was from the food, or transmitted from person to person.

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