Honeybees Teach DC Students About Beekeeping

A live beehive was installed at a local school

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A live beehive was installed at Walker Jones Education Campus in DC Wednesday.

Beekeeper Jeff Miller set up the hive to teach students about urban beekeeping. Unlike rural areas, honeybees thrive in cities due to less competition.

The project is part of a larger program called the Mount Vernon Triangle Sustainability Initiative.  It was created to promote environmental sustainability and bee husbandry.  It will help students gain a better understanding of honeybees, their life cycle and honey production. 

“With honeybees being such an important part of our agricultural system as pollinators, and with their numbers dropping mysteriously and dramatically, urban beekeeping provides both a safe haven and an open-air laboratory for healthier, sustainable bee colonies,” Miller said.

Miller installed the hive along with the queen bee in front of students and staff of the school.  The beehive itself was decorated by middle school students. 

“We are thrilled to be providing a home at the Farm for these important pollinators and cannot wait to introduce our students to the fascinating world of bees,” said Sarah Bernardi, operations director of the farm at Walker Jones.

Last year, Walker Jones began a local garden and farm to teach students about ecology.

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