Home That Housed Decomposing Bodies for Sale

No takers ... for obvious reasons

WASHINGTON -- Local radio station WTOP one-ups the rest of the mediasphere on the creepiness scale by taking a camera inside the home of Banita Jacks, the woman accused of killing and then living with the decomposing bodies of her four children.

The home is up for sale, and for some reason the offers just aren't pouring in like the real estate agent hoped for. So the agent, Carlton Hill, let WTOP take a camera inside to videotape the southeast Washington home.

Let's just say this: This is no episode of MTV Cribs.

WTOP took footage in the home of drawings on a wall and door that says "Yes I do love Mom," which apparently weren't covered up before the home was put up for sale for $149,000.

The home price has since been dropped to $90,900, WTOP reported, but there are still no takers ... for obvious reasons.

Jacks is scheduled to go to trial later this year on murder charges in connection with her children's deaths.

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