Highest Court Declines Legal Fight Over Smelly Washers

Smelly Washer Complaints Don't Hold Up In Supreme Court

Consumers complaining about smelly washing machines just lost a battle with the Supreme Court.

This week the U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up a legal fight over a bad smell that owners claim comes from front-loading washing machines.

Front-loading washers became popular when federal standards required manufactures make washers use less water and electricity.

That's when we started hearing about the complaints that the washers smelled funny and were making consumers clothes smell musty. The odor comes from mold that sometimes collects around the seal or in the bottom of the washer.

Consumers have filed lawsuits around the nation claiming the machines have a design flaw.

But the highest court has decided consumers' complaints do not have enough in common to justify a single class action case.

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