Pay Hil's Debt – Win a Date With Bill

Contest offers chance to spend day in NYC with Sec. of State's hubby

WASHINGTON -- She may be up to her pants suit collar in campaign debt, but fear not Hillary fans. She can still pimp out Bill.

Hillary Clinton for President is asking for belated contributions so they can finally put the derailed campaign behind them. Think of it as practice for the next time Clinton runs for office.

The possible prize for donation: A date with the Secretary of State's hubby, America's sweetheart Bill Clinton.

While it may seem silly to contribute to a presidential campaign five months after Election Day, there is a hook: the chance to be a winner. Make a post-campaign contribution today and you'll be entered to win the prize of your choice:

  • A day with the Clinton America loved best (ex-President Bill) in New York City,
  • A seat at the season finale of American Idol or
  • A weekend in D.C. including tours and lunch with political consultants/commentators/personalities/etc. Paul Begala and the Ragin' Cajun James Carville.

Just go to, pick your prize and make your payment.

We wonder how the campaign would have gone had they thought of this in April 2008.


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The prizes are being offered for just a limited time, so act fast.

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