GMU Student Pleads Guilty to Selling LSD to Frat Brother Who Jumped to His Death

A George Mason University student pleaded guilty Friday to selling a hallucinogenic drug to his fraternity brother days before he jumped to his death from a fifth-floor window.

Alejandro Porrata admitted to selling Tristan Medina LSD in September 2017. Both Medina and Porrata were members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

Three days later, Medina ran and crashed through a dorm building window at the Fairfax, Virginia, campus. He died of his injuries.

Prosecutors argued in court Friday that Porrata is a threat to the community and to other students. Porrata faces up to 40 years in prison.

“The prosecution did not offer him any kind of a deal at all and I think that’s appropriate," Shan Wu, the attorney for Medina's family, told News4.

Prosecutors argued for the judge to revoke Porrata's bond, but the judge allowed him to stay free on bond until he is sentenced in July.

Medina's father left the courtroom overcome with emotion.

"Certainly, I think he feels that the defendant should not be free on bond and be able to continue to go to school when his own son obviously can no longer do that," Wu said.

Wu believes the university should take action.

“There’s no reason why they couldn’t have put him on some type of interim suspension. That’s very common to protect the community. If he’s selling drugs, he’s a danger to the rest of the community,” Wu said.

George Mason University said in a statement: “The university is now aware of the criminal conviction and will take appropriate action.”

Defense attorney Tom Walsh said Porrata has accepted responsibility and he’s complied while out on bond. Walsh argued that Porrata should be able to finish his sophomore year.

“He’s also working and he’s also doing volunteer work. So, he’s not a danger to this community."

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