Frederick County Drop-Off Boxes Collect 600 Pounds of Prescription Drugs in 6 Months

The county has installed four drug drop boxes

Frederick County officials are tackling the animal of prescription drugs one drop box at a time -- they've collected over 600 pounds of drugs in span of six months.

“Lions and tigers and bears weigh on average 400 pounds, alligators 500 pounds," County Commissioner Billy Shreve said. "That’s lots of prescription drugs."

In their effort to make it harder for kids to get access to prescription pain killers -- seen as "gateway drugs" -- Frederick County has installed four drug drop boxes at various locations in Maryland over the past year. The newest one opened in Middletown in March.

“One of the easiest ways to fight drug abuse is to get expired prescriptions, and ones that are no longer needed, out of our homes and into these drug drop boxes," Shreve said in a press release Monday.

"Most heroin users got their start from taking prescription drugs," he said. "Yes, addiction today starts at home." 

Police routinely pick up the contents from the drop boxes; the drugs are then cataloged, weighed and incinerated.

You can find drug drop boxes at the following locations:

  • Middletown Municipal Center (31 West Main St.) 
  • Frederick Law Enforcement Center (110 Airport Dr. E)
  • Brunswick Police Department (20 E. A St.)
  • Thurmont Police Department (800 E. Main St.) 

 For more information, contact Shreve at 301-600-2336.

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