Former Employee, Wife Accused of Selling Property Stolen From UPS

A former UPS employee and his wife resold items stolen from a Virginia distribution facility, according to police.

A UPS security official reported to police in January multiple packages had been stolen from inside the UPS facility in Springfield, according to search warrant documents. Twenty-two packages scanned into the distribution facility weren’t delivered. Most contained Apple products like MacBooks, iPads and watches.

A detective got registration records of the stolen items, which led him to a MacBook. The man who bought it for $600 connected with Tia Conner on Facebook Marketplace. He did a little social media research on the sellers before he met the couple in a parking lot to make his purchase, so he was able to show a photo of the male seller wearing a UPS uniform.

The detective showed UPS security staffers the photo and they confirmed it was their employee: Juan Davis. He and his new wife, Martia Conner, were charged with selling stolen property.

"The suspect is no longer an employees of UPS," the company said in a statement. “We are cooperating with authorities and cannot comment on the investigation."

Another former UPS employee said the investigation unfairly cost him his job for being Davis’ friend.

“I thought he was one of my best buddies,” Brady Schultheiss said.

But UPS officials suspended him.

Schultheiss said he allowed Davis access to his iTunes account, which wound up on one of the laptops.

“The bad thing is it didn't even come back registered as me,” Schultheiss said. “It came back as Juan Davis, but he was linked to me so I got guilty by association, basically.”

After a decade at UPS, he resigned and is in the clear and got a new job.

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