FedEx Field Staple Chief Zee Gets Help From Fans

There's no doubt Zema Williams is the Washington Redskins' biggest fan, but now, his fans are banding together to help him keep his home. 

Williams, better known as "Chief Zee", was in danger of being evicted on April 18, according to a GoFundMe page established Friday. In just five days, over $5,000 was raised for the Redskins' unofficial mascot. 

The money will help Williams pay his rent for two months. 

"Any extra money past our goal will go into a bank account for the Chief, so we do not have to worry about this happening to him again," an update on the page reads. 

Some commenters on the GoFundMe page critized the effort, but several supporters came to Williams' defense. 

"If you learn to reach down and help another person up, you will soon realize what life's all about!," Lori Fynn wrote. 

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