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Family of Teen Stabbed on Arlington Trail Searching for Attacker

The teenager's father said they have used the trail often but never felt unsafe until the attack

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A teenager who was stabbed while running on a trail in Arlington, Virginia, is trying to help authorities, along with his family, find his attacker.

Max, 17, of Arlington, said he was out for a run near Curtis Trail in the area of Washington Boulevard and Interstate 66 late at night in August when he was blindsided by the attack.

“This guy from the other way, crosses over and he just looks at me with this, just had this kind of crazy look on his face, and then he just stuck me with a knife,” Max said.

Neighbors called 911 and he called his parents.

He spent two days in the ICU for his injury.

“That's probably the hardest part, I think that we just have no idea if it was a botched robbery that was botched so badly that the robber forgot to ask for, for you know, give me your phone and your money, or if it was a disturbed person,” Max’s father said.

Max and his dad put up flyers along the trail warning people of what happened. Police are actively combing through security cameras to see if there's any clear view of the attacker.

“If he's going to do this once I feel like there's a good chance that he could do this again,” Max’s father said.


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Their family has lived in the Arlington area for nearly 20 years. Max's father said they have used the trail often but never felt unsafe until the attack.

“I still can hardly believe this even happened to me,” Max said.

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