Fairfax Connector Workers Threaten Another Strike

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Fairfax Connector workers are threatening another strike, saying contract negotiations are going nowhere.

Union members went on a four-day strike in December. Now they say they are at a tipping point with the private company that runs their operations — Transdev — again

“If they decide to come to the table and continue to play games, continue to take these people and treat them like second-class citizens so that they can maximize their profit, then we have a problem,” said Michael Cornelius of ATU International.

Workers are once again threatening to strike over pay and benefits, saying talks have gone nowhere since the strike.

Bus operators also have issues with vehicles they say are not safe. Some say wheels have literally fallen off buses. Others say steering wheels shake at times and headlights don’t work properly.  

Union members shared video of water leaking directly into the driver seat and steering wheel during a recent storm.

“The public is really in danger,” former Fairfax Connector operator Vance Young said.

If the workers strike again, 30,000 daily trips would be affected.

Transdev said it will continue to try to negotiate in good faith.

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