Fairfax Board Reaffirms Silver Line Phase 2 Support

The Fairfax Board voted unanimously Tuesday to reaffirm its financial support for Phase 2 of the Silver Line Metro project.

It means the county will kick in between $433-489 million for the six stations that will be added in Phase 2, continuing the project from Wiehle Avenue, through Dulles International Airport and on to two stops in Loudoun County.

"This is the doorstep to the world," said Supervisor Jeff McKay. "Its far past time our premiere airport be served with rail."

Supervisor John Cook urged the board to adopt an amendment making the funding contingent on a Phase 2 plan that does not mandate union labor, a so-called Project Labor agreement. But that motion failed as chairman Sharon Bulova told members, "I don't want anyone to think Fairfax County is equivocating in any way."

In spite of the Fairfax County Board vote, Phase 2 is in limbo. Some new Loudoun County Board members have expressed reservations about that jurisdiction's financial commitment and a vote there has been delayed until July.

State funding is also in limbo. Gov. Bob McDonnell has pledged support for $150 million, but last week backed away from an added $300 million intended to keep toll road rates in check. Toll road fees will be one source of Phase 2 funding.

The general assembly is expected to vote on a budget deal next week that only contains $150 million for Phase 2.

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