C-Section Interrupted by Earthquake

There are Christmas babies, hurricane babies, but more rare, on the East Coast, at least, are earthquake babies, Darcy Spencer reported.

Little Alayshia Green came into the world at Washington Hospital Center right in the middle of Tuesday's earthquake.

Her mother, Angelique Porter, had been in labor since Monday, but Alayshia showed no sign of arriving on her own, so the doctor decided to perform a C-section Tuesday afternoon.  As the operation got under way, the 5.8-magnitude earthquake hit.

Doctors covered Porter, trying to make sure no instruments fell into the operating area and to make sure that Porter didn't fall off the operating table. Porter's father, Anthony Green was by her the entire time trying to comfort her.

When the shaking stopped, Alayshia was born.  A healthy 5 pounds, 15 ounces and with a story that nobody will soon forget.

Porter said she will tell Alayshia the story of her birth when she's old enough to understand.

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