Don't Even Talk Trash Out of a Car Window

DC criminalizes vehicular littering

WASHINGTON -- The days of getting rid of your trash by getting in your car and driving around the block are ending.

In December, the D.C. Council passed a law that "prohibits individuals from disposing, causing, or allowing the disposal of litter from a vehicle upon any public or private property."

Police said, "Litter includes all rubbish, waste matter, refuse, garbage, trash, debris" and presumably anything else you might find in your thesaurus.

Is your thesaurus old? Can't toss that out the window, either.

Cat box full? Stop driving around with it.

Are your pet's babies stillborn? Bury 'em. Police said the law includes dead animals.

How about your ex-girlfriend's Britney Spears CD? Well, it's only a $100 fine per violation.

"Neighborhoods with a lot of litter are at risk of more serious crime and disorder," according to police, but you can't trash your neighboring neighborhoods to make yours safer anymore.

Police know old habits are tough to break, though, so beginning today and continuing for 30 days, vehicular litterbugs will only receive warnings.

“Police officers, with our round-the-clock presence on the streets of the District, can support the important mission of the Department of Public Works and the Mayor’s Office of the Clean City to keep our city clean,” Chief Cathy Lanier said.

Please, please, please let us know if you get ticketed for this. We remain skeptical about enforcement.

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