Conflicting Reports Emerge in Violent Home Invasion

A Department of Labor attorney was arrested in connection with a violent home invasion at the residence of one of his co-workers last week.

The victim reported a man knocked on her door on Chesapeake Street in Northwest June 5, saying he had a package to deliver.

She told police when she opened the door, a man unknown to her came at her with a Taser, pepper spray and handcuffs, and repeatedly beat her in the face. Police say he also attempted to sexually assault the victim.

A few days later, police announced the victim in fact did know the suspect.

Wednesday, News4's Mark Segraves confirmed Paul D. Mannina, a long-time attorney for the Department of Labor was arrested in connection with the incident.

The victim told detectives she knew Mannina "had a crush on her." The two had known each other for 21 years, she said.

According to charging documents released this week, the victim told detectives she was expecting Mannina, her co-worker, to come over that morning and that she had let him in knowing who he was.

She said the man briefly walked back out to his car to pick up his camera to "take photographs of her cat." The woman said he came back with a red gym bag and used a Taser on her while her back was turned. 

He then allegedly struck her in the face several times, used pepper spray on her then handcuffed her hands behind her back. She claims he eventually let her go and once she was free, she led him out of the home and drove herself to a hospital.

Mannina was reportedly arrested at a Montgomery area hospital following a suicide attempt. His attorney, Michael McAuliffe, would not comment on the case.

He was charged with third degree sexual abuse and first degree burglary. If convicted, Mannina could serve up to 30 years on the burglary charge and up to 10 years on the sex abuse charge.

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