Wandering Deer Gets Onto Stage of Northern Virginia Theater

It looks like one of Bambi's pals is trying to rise to stardom in the local theater scene.

A male deer made its way all the way to the stage of Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia on Tuesday.

A theater publicist said the deer apparently got access to the building by jumping onto the loading dock.

It then wandered through the back hallway and onto the stage where employees were working on the set for the theater's upcoming production, "The Fix."

"It's a White House-looking set," James Gardiner, a publicist for Signature Theatre, told NBC Washington.

The employees quickly spotted the deer and ran out of the theater in a panic, closing the door behind them and locking the deer inside.

After interrupting a production meeting to alert them to the unexpected guests, the set-builders then collected the courage to face the deer. They simply pushed it back down the hallway and out onto the loading dock.

Gardiner said it's rare to see a deer in the Shirlington area, where the theater is located.

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