Deeds on Tour With Famous Virginia Democrats

Random lieutenant governor candidate lady also invited

Soft-spoken "country lawyer" Creigh Deeds is now "in the big time," and he no longer needs to spend his time campaign with local county grassroots leaders or editors from small-town weekly news digests. He simply needs to wake up in the morning, and dozens of new aides will carry him to rallies with the biggest Democratic names in the state.

Deeds, of course, appeared at a "unity rally" on Wednesday to say goodbye to his vanquished opponents, Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe. Moran will now be unemployed, like most people, while McAuliffe will probably fly back to New York, where he lives. It is unlikely that Creigh Deeds will see either of them ever again.

But who cares! Deeds' new friends are much more famous.

Today, in Arlington, Deeds held a rally with former governor and current U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, who is basically the most liked person in Virginia history, or at least since George Washington.

And then tomorrow -- oh, tomorrow! -- Deeds will rally with Warner, Tim Kaine and Jim Webb, in colonial Williamsburg. (Also attending will be lieutenant governor nominee Jody Wagner and attorney general nominee Steve Shannon, but whatever. Congrats on your primary victories, Wagner and Shannon!)

Then again, it'll probably get old very shortly, seeing these same four or five people holding the same mega-rallies every day or week through November.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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