DeAngelo Hall Claims Eli Manning Is Not “Rocket Scientist”, Justin Tuck Says Hall “Is Not Very Smart”

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The Washington Redskins looked like they had things wrapped up against the New York Giants last Sunday after Robert Griffin III connected with Santana Moss for a 30-yard touchdown with 1:32 left. Yet, Washington's lesd only lasted 19 seconds as Eli Manning found Victor Cruz open for a 77-yard touchdown that ultimately decided Sunday's 27-23 win.

Three days later, the long-distance name calling ensued.

First, DeAngelo Hall responded to Manning's assertion that he picked up on how the Redskins would defend in such a situation because of the way they did earlier in the game.

"For him to say that in the first half he picked up on it and to not make a play until the last play of the game? I don’t know how well he picked up on it," Hall said to The Washington Examiner's John Keim. "Ultimately he did because he made the play to beat us, but I don’t feel like he made that play. I feel we gave him that play.

"We just had one guy set his feet and one guy not do this. I could have thrown that ball and he would have scored. It wasn’t something where he was a rocket scientist and he figured something out. We just played that as bad as possible.”

The normally-demure Manning, who isn't one to start any sort of beef, responded by "thanking" Hall for gift-wrapping the touchdown.

"I appreciate him giving it to me," Manning deadpanned to reporters. "Thank you. No, I didn't think it took a rocket scientist to figure it out, either. We had a guy running open and you hit him.

"It doesn't bother me. If that is the way they want to put it in their heads, then that is fine."

Then Justin Tuck decided to get in on the fun because why not?

"Well, DeAngelo is not that smart if they gave it to them," Tuck said. "I love how DeAngelo plays; he is an awesome player. But to give a person a game-winning touchdown ... ehhhh."

Gentlemen, please. We can either sit here with our jockstraps in a bunch or we can settle this on Dec. 3 when you all meet again.

Yet, if you're looking for a resolution sooner than that, may I propose some sort of peace summit? I think Tuck and Robert Griffin III know a great place to get some sandwiches

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