D.C.'s AG Moves to Stop Outdoor Electronic Billboards

D.C.'s Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against a company that has been installing large digital billboards outside some D.C. buildings.

The billboards are bright and change frequently. Attorney General Karl Racine alleges that the company did not get the proper permits for the installation.

The District's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs had ordered the company, Digi Media, to stop the installation, but the company continued installing the signs, according to a press release from Racine's office. 

"The District has enacted building and sign regulations for reasons that include protecting the safety of our residents and preserving the aesthetic nature of our city,” Racine said in the release. "The Office of the Attorney General believes Digi Media has unlawfully installed these signs, and we are taking action to enforce the law."

Racine asked that the installations stop and that the company remove the signs already installed. A court date of Sept. 8 has been set.

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