Cut Your Grass or Pay Up

Tweet on your neighbors

You can expect to hear the buzz of lawnmowers in yards across the District this weekend. Starting Sunday, D.C. officials are cracking down on tall grass.

Homeowners or business owners with grass or weeds 10 inches high or taller could be fined $500.  D.C. officials are also looking for grass that’s smelly, dead or tall enough to hide snakes or rodents.

If your property is spotted with grass creeping up near 10 inches, you’ll get a warning notice on your doorknob.

District officials are even encouraging neighbors to turn each other in.  You can call, email or even Tweet on your neighbor at @dcra. 

D.C.’s grass restriction is tougher than the lawn laws in most neighboring counties. Arlington, Fairfax, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties have restrictions on grass over a foot tall.

The D.C. grass crackdown is in effect through Oct. 31

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