D.C. Speed Camera Fines Decrease Monday

Speed camera fines in the District will drop Monday following a public outcry

Speed camera fines in the District will drop Monday, following a public outcry over the tickets that rake in millions of dollars for the District each year.

While advocates say the cameras make roads safer because drivers slow down, critics call them a money grab.

"They are very high," said Maryland resident Charles Wilson of the District's speed camera fines. "...Compared to Maryland, they're very high and they need to do something about that. If the police monitored traffic more, they could cut down on a out of stuff instead of those cameras monitoring traffic."

The new fines are set as follows:

  • 11-15 mph over the speed limit: $92 (previously $100)
  • 16-20 mph over: $100 (previously $150)
  • 21-25 over: $150 (previously $200)

"I just paid, last year, about $1,400 worth of speed camera tickets, so I'm glad they're lowering the fines," said Maryland resident Aaron Pointdexter.

D.C. resident Michael Burke said he gets tickets from speed cameras "all the time."

"I'd like to think I financed a few parades in the city, but you know, if you speed, that's just one of the things that comes along with it," he said.


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