Recruiter for D.C. Falcons Killed in NE

Police arrested a suspect they said murdered a man at McKinley High School on Friday.

Oma Crawford, 25, has been charged in the shooting death of 36-year-old Ralph Thomas, of Temple Hills.

Thomas had been working as a recruiter with D.C.'s semi-professional football team, the Falcons.

The motivation for the killing was unclear.  "Whatever the reason, it was definitely not worth it," ANC commissioner Tim Clark said on Sunday.  "It seemed like he was doing a lot of good things with the team."

The Falcons told NBC Washington that Thomas had been with the team for the past month.  The semi-pro club plays their games on McKinley High School's field.

According to authorities, a women's flag football team was being played on Friday evening when Thomas was shot.

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