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DC Police Looking for Suspects Who Trashed Airbnb, Stole Valuables

The suspects also used the owner's Amazon account to buy things, police say

A nightmare scenario in Northwest D.C. may have you think twice before renting out your house to strangers.

D.C. police say a group of suspects stole thousands of dollars worth of belongings and destroyed property at a house on Leroy Place NW from March 9 to 11.

"We rented out the house for two nights to what looked like very official, legitimate Airbnb guests and, in return, they ended up robbing and vandalizing the house," Elizabeth Borodkin said. Borodkin manages the house for the owner who is out of the country.

Surveillance video police posted on YouTube shows several men hanging out in the back patio of the house and smoking.

The eight suspects damaged or destroyed furniture, appliances and mirrors, according to the police report.

"It feels like a sense of safety was violated," Borodkin said.

A litany of items valued at more than $5,000 were stolen, including two TVs, a speaker, three bed duvets, a clothes iron, two Amazon fire tablets, men's and women's sneakers and a men's tracksuit, the police report says.

Borodkin said the home was also left behind pizza, wine bottles, chicken wings and ashes.

But she said she had no idea what they did until she went to the house after their stay. 

"In fact, they called me from the property in the middle of their rental period, telling me how wonderful the house was and how thankful they are," Borodkin said.

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