DC Officials Cite Gun Control Hypocrisy in Condemning Rubio

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The District of Columbia government is publicly condemning Sen. Marco Rubio for what it calls his hypocritical attempt to gut the D.C.'s strict gun control laws while simultaneously advocating stronger national gun ownership restrictions. 

The Florida Republican recently endorsed an age limit of 21 for rifle buyers. But he also sponsors a Senate bill that would drastically change D.C.'s gun laws, allowing 18-year-olds to purchase weapons like the AR-15 used in the Parkland shootings that killed 17 students and staff. 

Democratic Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has challenged Rubio to withdraw the bill. 

Rubio sent her a letter saying his bill seeks only to bring Washington "in line with federal law." Rubio says if federal law changes, which he says is his goal, then D.C.'s laws would change as well.

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