DC Mother Demands Answers After 3-Year-Old Wanders Off From School

A 3-year-old girl managed to wander away from a D.C. public school for several minutes before a stranger found her and brought her back to the school.

The incident, which many parent's might consider their worst nightmare, happened on Wednesday afternoon at the Wheatley Education Campus in Northeast.

"To have a phone call like that, it's just devastating. Your heart drops," said the child's mother, Jasmine Dolberry.

Dolberry attended a meeting Thursday morning with school officials and said she demanded answers about what happened.

She was given a copy of the incident report and learned that her daughter, Kree, managed to walk out of the building during nap time. The school said one of the teachers had left the classroom and the teacher's aide stayed in the class. After putting a blanket on a child, the aide noticed Kree was gone.

"What if she never came back? What if my daughter was hurt, or hit or anything?," Dolberry said tearfully."He brought her back. Not everybody does that. I got lucky this time. The next parent might not."

A spokesperson for D.C. Public Schools said it is investigating the incident and released the following statement:

"We have measures in place to ensure that students and staff are in a safe learning environment at every school and if those structures broke down we'll work to restore them."

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