House and Car Break-Ins Around Alexandria

A small wave of burglaries and car thefts has swept through Alexandria over the past month, police said.

The burglaries have been concentrated in the Del Ray section of the city.  Robbers have hit seven homes during daylight hours, making off with televisions, jewelry, and laptops.  In all but one case, the properties have been unoccupied when the thieves struck.

During that other robbery, an upstairs neighbor had descended her building's stairs when she heard noise coming from the apartment below.  She came face to face with a burglary suspect, but was not injured.

The woman described the suspect as a 5'6'' black man, weighing approximately 150 pounds.  He wore dark jeans and a puffy jacket.

Between January 9 and January 11, thieves broke into six vehicles in the Del Ray area.  All of the cars were unlocked, and most were parked in the victims' driveways.

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