Georgetown DMV Preparing For a Move

Renovations to the Georgetown Mall has D.C.'s Division of Motor Vehicles feeling a little froggy.

It's begun soliciting offers for office space elsewhere, in case upgrades at the M Street gallery of shops force the service center to leap.

On the city's website, there is an advertisement asking property owners for "6,000 to 7,000 SF replacement of the current Georgetown DMV."  The request specifies a location in the Northwest or Northeast.

An official from the DMV, who was not allowed to speak publicly for the agency, told the Georgetown Dish that the solicitation is only a precaution in case the Georgetown Mall, run by Vornado Realty Trust, decides to terminate the agency's lease.  So far, the official said, no such notice has been given.

Some tenants in the retail mall have already been asked to leave, to make room for the scheduled renovations.  A man whose life-long dream was to open a pinball museum was forced to close his doors in the mall after only 5 months because of the maintenance.

The DMV currently holds a lease in the Georgetown Mall until 2014, Georgetown Dish reports, but the agency's official told the paper that the lease can be broken by either the city of the mall with 90-day notice.

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